August, 2008

Meet ‘The Strangers’

Just to clear things up before I get started. This movie is not a sequel to MEET THE PARENTS or MEET THE FOCKERS. THE STRANGERS is a horror slash thriller. I am not quite sure why the slash, but “the general public” thinks that this movie contains some spooky unexplainable beings doing evil stuff (and by evil stuff we mean killing people). In my book this movie would be filed under thriller, but I will get to that in just a moment.

The Not So Incredible Hulk

After being violently pressured to do some actual reviewing, this reporter was send to a local theater armed with a pencil and a flashlight and asked to give some kind of insightful commentary on one of this year’s lesser seen comic book adaptations: THE INCREDIBLE HULK. This latest example of Marvel Studio’s push to streamline their various franchises in one single definite universe picks up where Ang Lee’s 2003 “quote” artyfarty “unquote” depiction of the superhero left us bored and suicidal. With cinematic auteur Lee now replaced by whoever directed THE TRANSPORTER 2, THE TRANSPORTER 3, and the even worse…