December, 2008

The Day My Life Stood Still

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL is a remake of the classic film, which dates back to 1951, only this time we get to see Keanu “Wooow” Reeves as the big bad alien, who tells us we are all doomed and are going to die. Was the original movie about the Cold War, the remake is more centered on the humans destroying earth due to their way of living. So does the remake bring us anything worthwhile?

Who doesn’t want to shag ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’?

With MY BEST FRIEND’S GIRL actor / comedian Dane Cook gets another chance to star in a “big movie”. EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH was his first major role and we all know how that ended up. Now for those who do not know Dane Cook I would seriously suggest to go to YouTube first and watch some of his acts and shows. Dane Cook is a stand-up comedian from the US. His humor often is the so called “observational comedy” and you can notice some influences of Denis Leary, Richard Pryor and George Carlin.