February, 2009

YES! Is the new No in Yes Man

Person A: It’s Friday lets go to the movies? Person B: Nah… don’t feel like it Person A: Hey tomorrow the Knicks game is on, wanna watch it at my place? Person B: Sorry, got some stuff I gotta do Person A: I managed to gather our old friends for a poker night! Person B: Damn, already got plans, sorry won’t be able to make it Do the above examples sound familiar to you? Then this movie might be just your thing, note with that though, you have to like Jim Carrey.

To be Hamlet 2 or not to be Hamlet 2

Wait just one darn minute before reading any further. Do you know the story of Hamlet; the deaths, the tragedy, the love and the revenge? And did you see any promotion material of this movie? If the first question is answered with ‘Yes’ and the second question with a ‘No’, then this movie might be fun for you. Is Hamlet a stranger to you, do not worry! And if you have seen any promotion materials then chances are you will not enjoy the movie as much as you have expected.