November, 2009

NEW MOON is hardly new and contains no moon, only horny teenagers

Those of you who follow my Twitter will know that I watch more movies than I am able to write about (this is a silent hint to follow me). I still got some on the drawing board like Disney’s UP and Woody Allen’s WHATEVER WORKS, but my latest movie was so awful, I just had to put aside the more decent movies for this abomination. The movie in question NEW MOON, part 2 of The Twilight Saga, with TWILIGHT being the first one which was released last year and on DVD a couple of weeks ago.

We pay a visit to District 9

After THE LORD OF THE RINGS and KING KONG we haven’t seen much from Peter Jackson. But with DISTRICT 9 we get glimpse of what he is capable of when producing even the weirdest of stories. DISTRICT 9 really is that, a weird story with an even weirder ending. The movie is already released on DVD even though some cinemas in Europe are still showing it. So watch in cinema, DVD or wait for the TV screening? Go ahead and read on, beware of the big fat spoiler at the end of this review!

We shed some tears with This is it

Michael Jackon’s THIS IS IT shows the last couple of months before his demise. You get to see what he was planning to show all of us and what surprises he had stored for the fans. Besides fragments of his show, people whom he worked with are being interviewed as well. So is this really it? Can we close the story that is Michael Jackson with this movie, or do we feel something is still missing and another chapter is still required?