Casino Royale 2 aka ‘Quantum of Solace’

QUANTUM OF SOLACE is the next movie in the line of Bond movies. And if I stand correct it is the 22nd Bond movie for us all to enjoy. Dubbed as the most expensive Bond movie made with a great Bond girl who actually has some balls, I just had to go see it as soon as possible…

Quantum of Solace movie poster

Quantum is apparently the name of a top secret criminal organization, which is or was behind the death of dear old Vesper from Bond 21 CASINO ROYALE. At the end of CASINO ROYALE we see Daniel Craig aka the new James Bond, shoot mister White in his knee. Mister White is somehow responsible for the death of Vesper. QUANTUM OF SOLACE takes of seconds after that scene. We get to see James Bond racing down small streets in his lovely Aston Martin, whilst it gets banged and shot, just like we are used to with Bond! The opening scene is beautiful and really fits the new style of Bond the creators had in mind.

We now get to see another new style the Bond movies made; the opening credits. This is where the discussion starts, does it or does it not fit James Bond?

I believe it does, just follow this simple check list:

The James Bond Theme Song Check List

  • The theme song should somehow be about the movie or a theme which can be found in the movie. Check
  • The clip has to contain a (naked) woman. Check
  • The clip has to contain some sort of weapon, preferably the gun James Bond uses. Check
  • The clip has to have some sort of link with the movie or a theme which is in the movie (think of playing cards, a golden eye, etc.). Check
  • The clip has to contain more (naked) women. Check

After the opening song the movie continues with the fast pace it started with and hardly slows down. Take your eyes / mind off the screen for a few seconds and you are sure to miss something. I actually had to look up on the net what the hell Quantum was again, because I reached down in my bag to get a snack. And even if you did manage to keep your focus, you are bound to miss a lot if you are not familiar with CASINO ROYALE. Skip the other Bond movies, if you forgot what CASINO ROYALE was all about or have not watched it – that actually would be a shame, since it still is a iMDB top 250 movie –, you will understand bugger all about this movie.

In fact I am convinced that QUANTUM OF SOLACE should be called CASINO ROYALE 2, because the movie brings nothing new and continues on the story set in CASINO ROYALE. Yeah of course you have a new “evil villain” or “evil organization”, but you hardly get to see or know them. Not only is that frustrating but it is also very confusing, since we as an audience always expect a complete new story when it comes to our favorite secret agent.

The opera, the best place for an evil meeting!

The role of the villain Dominic Greene, played by Mathieu Amalric, is really petite. He merely is in the movie to make Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko (the new Bond Girl) look good. The role played by Mathieu can be best described as a fag – no offence – who thinks having 60% of the water supply is evil and makes your penis grow large. Not to cut down on his parade, but I would rather have seen him having access to some super weapon or a secret mineral field which could kill us all! But nnnnoooooooooooooo… water is the reason this time for Mister James Bond to go to Bolivia.

As for Olga; yes she is hot, yes she can kick ass and yes she can act – well decent enough to play this part – but did we really have to see a Bond Girl kick ass in the first half of the movie to finally break down in tears and barely able to walk in the last half? C’mon already, we saw that in CASINO ROYALE!

And this is where QUANTUM OF SOLACE goes wrong. The first 45 minutes you are watching a Bond movie, with the hot chicks, the flirting, the action, the one-liners and Daniel Craig being a stubborn double 0, who kills all and leaves no one alive for interrogation (the new direction of the Bond series). After those 45 minutes you are looking at a random action movie with a taste for revenge because the main character his b*tch died in the previous one.

Olga driving in the new Ford Ka

With CASINO ROYALE they at least managed to keep the whole Bond setting alive and even though Q was not in it, you felt like watching James Bond doing his thing. The Omega watch was there (even though it did not have a gadget function), the Aston Martin was in it (even though it broke down minutes later), the shaken not stirred scene was in it (with a great twist on the classic line), and even the “my name is Bond, James Bond” could be found in CASINO ROYALE. QUANTUM OF SOLACE misses all of these points, except for the car and the old hag M. Some people would call this a bad thing, but the first 45 minutes of the movie proofs they can show us a Bond without the cliché things we are all used to. They only forgot to keep going after those 45 minutes…

QUANTUM OF SOLACE is a decent action movie and the first half of the movie can even be said to be a decent Bond movie. Due to the special effects I would say that this is a movie to see in the cinema, but I would go on a rainy afternoon when nobody else bothers to go and the admission price is not that high.

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