E3 2013 is over and the winner is

E3 2013 is over and the winner is

So couple of weeks ago the Electronic Entertainment Expo was held in Los Angeles. Of course most of the gamers were focused on Microsoft with their Xbox One (or Xbone or Xbox 180) and the Playstation 4. Many games were announced and much fuzz has been discussed concerning the DRM of the Xbox One and the ease of trade the Playstation 4 (still) offers. But who was the winner of this year’s E3? Well without further ado, the winner for this years E3 2013 is…

Politics 1-O-1

Found this picture some time ago and realized this is how politics works right? You both want to get to the top, but aren’t willing to work together. So you just divide the tools you have and eventually just do not reach the goal set.

EA, a new hope after Lucasarts dies?

EA, a new hope after Lucasarts dies?

Many of you have grown up or at least know a game created and published by the once so great Lucasarts. Games like Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, the Indiana Jones series or my personal favorite Maniac Mansion. But most of you will know and remember Lucasarts as the publisher for the many, many and I really mean many Star Wars games. Now I say publisher and not developer for a reason. I want you to stop reading this and think for a minute the last 5 titles Lucasarts actually made within the Star Wars universe. Ready? Then read on!


Not all of you might know what is happening when it comes to legislation and bills being passed around in the US. Even I have problems reading all those pieces. But this is an important issue and we want every reader to know what is happening around them.

Closing of 2011

What a year it has been. Not for criticasm.com perse but for the entire world. We are talking about strikes, crisis, falls of complete governments, the coming of 3D, the world of tablets and many many more things. Looking at the post count it has not been an impressive year, but this does not mean we never commented on the many things happening around the world. Our most dedicated followers know and have been confronted many times with our foul spitting humor – if you can call it that – about many things.

The 3D hype, don’t be fooled

Lately there has been a change through the movie and TV industry I want to make people aware of. With last years electronic conventions and press releases by some of the bigger technical companies, you will notice that 3D is HOT. Hot in big bold and red letters. A technology which has been here for some time, remember those red and blue glasses? Well nowadays you can find it in phones, tablets, TV and of course the cinemas. And in the cinema is where all the hype has started…