E3 2013 is over and the winner is

E3 2013 is over and the winner is

So couple of weeks ago the Electronic Entertainment Expo was held in Los Angeles. Of course most of the gamers were focused on Microsoft with their Xbox One (or Xbone or Xbox 180) and the Playstation 4. Many games were announced and much fuzz has been discussed concerning the DRM of the Xbox One and the ease of trade the Playstation 4 (still) offers. But who was the winner of this year’s E3? Well without further ado, the winner for this years E3 2013 is…

The PC and the PC gamers!

Shocking? Well not really if you take a step back and look at all the marvelous things which have been showcased. Sure the consoles look pretty awesome and I really do like the technology which is being used in Kinect 2.0 combined with the Xbox One, but I believe the consumer isn’t ready for this yet. I do believe that Kinect-like-sensors and digital distributed games are the future, whether you like it or not.

Xbox is all knowing

I see you…

The reason why I am stating the PC (and the PC gamers) is the winner of this year’s E3, is quite simple. When you look at the games which were demonstrated, not many of those games were proper console exclusives. Sure there are some timed exclusive games, but quite a lot of them will come to the PC. Let me show you:

  • ASSASSIN’S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG; a multiplatform game, which will get a PC release. Sure You might want to play this on a console, but you can put a controller in your pc and enjoy it just as much.
  • BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS; coming to the pc, perhaps a bit later, but still coming.
  • BATTLEFIELD 4; a PC game too and a shooter. In my honest opinion still the best platform to play it on.
  • CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS; if you still love the series, it’s coming to the PC.
  • DESTINY; the next big thing of Bungie. Looks great and will be even greater to play on the PC.
  • MIRROR’S EDGE 2; it’s the reboot, looks great but also coming to the PC.
  • TITANFALL; it is said to be released only on Xbox One and PC. But I believe it will be a timed exclusive. I am however a PC gamer at heart, so I will be getting it for the PC.
  • WATCH_DOGS; Didn’t realize it at first, but this game is coming to the PC too!
  • WOLFENSTEIN: THE NEW ORDER; PC baby, your home platform!

Yes, I know, I’m missing some true exclusives, like HALO 5, KILLZONE, inFAMOUS or GRAN TURISMO 6, but those alone won’t convince me to get a new console. So at the moment neither consoles are really worth getting. Sure, I will get one eventually because my current Playstation 3 will be obsolete, but no need to rush right? Just wait for nice price drops and get a proper bundle.

Xbox One or Playstation 4? Show me the stuff!

Xbox One or Playstation 4? Show me the stuff!

When I will chose between the two new consoles, it will be the one which has to offer me the most entertainment for a reasonable price with some proper exclusives. As it stands now, neither are worth my time and money.

So the winner of this year’s E3 2013? The PC, without a doubt.

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