EA, a new hope after Lucasarts dies?

EA, a new hope after Lucasarts dies?

Many of you have grown up or at least know a game created and published by the once so great Lucasarts. Games like Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, the Indiana Jones series or my personal favorite Maniac Mansion. But most of you will know and remember Lucasarts as the publisher for the many, many and I really mean many Star Wars games.

Now I say publisher and not developer for a reason. I want you to stop reading this and think for a minute the last 5 titles Lucasarts actually made within the Star Wars universe. Ready? Then read on!

Now that wasn’t easy was it? So what have you got so far?

I’m assuming most of you will list the STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED I & II. Right what’s next? STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO and maybe even STAR WARS 1313, but that should be it. If you really are looking for more Star Wars titles developed by Lucasarts you have to go back over a decade!

The more recent games we all have been playing and enjoying, like THE OLD REPUBLIC or THE DARK FORCES series, are all developed by other companies (BioWare and Raven Software).

So Disney made a deal with George Lucas and now owns Lucasfilm and everything related to it. This also means that they own the Star Wars license. However with this acquisition came one of their first decisions, close Lucasarts because it wasn’t profitable. The whole game world was shocked when this news was released to the press, but be honest, what was your last proper Lucasarts game? That has to be ESCAPE TO MONKEY ISLAND from November 2000…

I wonder what princess lives here...

I wonder what princess lives here…

Lucasarts is now no more and Disney has granted EA the use of its Star Wars license, is this a good thing or not? Well again I ask you to close your eyes and imagine this. A MIRROR’S EDGE view, Frostbite Engine 3 and Force Powers. I think I just wet myself…

We briefly interrupt this message while the author changes his pants

Right I’m back. Giving the license to EA also poses quite a big problem. With recent releases published by EA, the trusts of many gamers have also been damaged. Think the recent release of SimCity or those games with ever expanding DLC for ridiculous prices or what about the terrible support they deliver? And I am not even mentioning them closing down older games just so you buy the next one.

E3 will be starting in a few days and rumor has it that EA will be showing some games they already got in development with this license. For the sake of being a Star Wars fan, I’m willing to give them a chance, because I have faith in certain developers – DICE and BioWare I’m looking at you guys – being capable enough to make great Star Wars games.

EA, a new hope?

EA, a new hope?

It is now countdown to E3 and praying on my hand and knees that they will not disappoint the true fans. Even though people will say “this is their last chance!”, we all know that is a lie. This is just another chance to make fans happy. If they screw it up, they can always give the license to someone else. Now it is up to EA to have a first swing…

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