Embrace a brighter future with two new Netflix releases

Embrace a brighter future with two new Netflix releases

Recently two big movies got released on Netflix, these being The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Project T / Tomorrowland (depending on what country you live in). Both movies are about a better and brighter future for us all. If you were to watch one of them this weekend, I’d advise you to at least give Tomorrowland a go, since this feelgood movie will certainly make you want to fight and believe in a better world.

And who knows, you might get recruited in the (near) future! Just make sure to follow these following points:

To be recruited into Plus Ultra, one had to meet certain criteria and guidelines in order to join or be asked to join. Recruiters and scouts were given these rules and sent out into the field. They were:

  • Identify artists with a gift for positive, optimistic future-thinking.
  • Must be amenable to working in mediums not yet discovered.
  • Communication skills a huge plus.
  • Avoid artists whose work focuses on anger, despair, hopelessness.
  • Identify brilliance based on innovation and insightfulness.
  • Look for those who are already solving the problems of the future.
  • Make sure projects are not burdened by contemporary theories.
  • Avoid entrants fixated on financial gain.
  • Focus on applicants with expertise in space and para-phasic travel.
  • Avoid those who did not pass security clearance.
  • Befriend faculty at institutes of higher learning.
  • Favorable locations include MIT, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon.
  • Candidates will possess qualities of optimism and confidence in the future.
  • Initial contacts should be in technology, science, and humanities divisions.
  • Avoid those who display traits of cynicism, doubt, bitterness.
  • Hint at technologies beyond the currently possible.
  • Solicit constructive feedback at the ends of [Science Factual] episodes.
  • Encourage viewers to submit their own visions of tomorrow.
  • Avoid those who take a dim view of the future and/or the Science Factual program.

Source from the Plus Ultra page of Disney’s Tomorrowland Wikia. And those of you who are curious about Plus Ultra, the video below – created by Pixar Studios – was intended to be the introduction of the movie, but didn’t make the final cut.



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