E.T. meets R2-D2 in ‘WALL-E’

Usually I watch cool movies with cool people, scary movies with scary people (ie. my girlfriend) and romantic movies well… also with my girlfriend. But this time I was forced to go watch the latest creation of Pixar & Disney with one of my friends (one of the cool people). Now I am not sure if this is a bad thing, but he was desperate to see Waaaallllll-EEE and to this day I keep annoying him with the lovely sound this robot makes when pronouncing his name.

WALL-E movie poster

WALL-E is another big animation movie from the studios of Pixar. But ever since the partnership with Disney, Pixar lost some edge and has become softer. Though this does not mean a movie by Pixar is bad per se, just look at RATATOUILLE which was one of the better animation movies last year.

The movie starts without Wall-E. Something which Pixar does quite often, is to put a small feature in front of the main movie to get us all warmed up. This time we get to see PRESTO! a short movie about Presto DiGiotagione, a turn-of-the-century magician, who is famous for his “pull rabbit out of hat”-trick. Presto’s apprentice rabbit, Alec, is not happy and does not share the success Preto is getting. After being pushed over the edge – he keeps getting locked up in a birdcage and tortured with a carrot he cannot reach – he plans revenge. And knowing Pixar, Alec gets his revenge. This short 5 minute featurette is a refreshing view on the whole rabbit and hat trick. Also it is better than the main movie…

Alec tortured by a carrot he cannot reach

We now go to the main movie and see scenes of big junkyard which seems to be earth or what is left of it. Humans apparently became heavy consumers and we made loads of crap. So we created robots to clean up the mess, while we stay in outer space waiting for them to do the filthy job. Wall-E is one of those so called garbage collecting robot that has been left on earth to clean up this mess. His name stands for Waste Allocation Load Liften earth class E and he apparently is one of the last and best cleaning bots left. Seeing all the other broken ones during the first few scenes, we can only assume he is alone. In this opening scene you see Wall-E meeting a cockroach which becomes his friend and whom he also drives over several times, a hilarious action that stays funny every time you see it.

Wall-E and his friend the cockroach

Wall-E’s personality can be best described as R2-D2 meets E.T. (and a little ‘Johnny Number Five’), so take this as you want, but his artificial emotions were cute at first, but became annoying as the movie progresses. Maybe I am being to harsh here. It is not “annoying annoying” but more “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and the matching purse”. His curiosity for human things and the human nature comes from a 1969 musical film called HELLO, DOLLY!

His emotions are animated nicely; do not forget we are still talking about a robot here. But the thick layer of Disney really is apparent in this movie, this changes however when another robot comes to earth. Enter ‘Eve’.

Eve stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Examiner and this is exactly what she does. Trying to determine if life is possible again on planet Earth. This being a Disney movie, we see Wall-E falling in love with Eve. And boy o boy, does he put effort in that, even when Eve tries to blow his head off.

Eve keeps searching for life on Earth and when a sandstorm approaches, Wall-E takes her to his crib. Now is that not a dream of every guy (or robot)? He tries to impress her and eventually shows her a plant he found. Eve takes the plant, goes in lockdown mode and sends a signal back to the mother ship. In the meanwhile Wall-E is trying to have his way with her, but with the dildo shaped Eve that is a hard thing to do. So instead he keeps her warm & dry and takes her out for the occasional walks.

Wall-E & Eve

When her mother ship finally does arrive, the movie takes off at the pace of lightning. We see Wall-E chasing Eve back to a large space cruise ship on which all remaining humans of earth reside. We get to see all humans being so big and fat, they hardly do a thing by themselves. And we get to see the auto-pilot of the cruise ship taking over control of everything and everyone.

During the last part of this movie all remainder plot points gets explained and the audience gets a better picture on what happened on earth, why everyone has becomes so fat and why the auto-pilot refuses to return back to earth.

The captain and Eve

Now even though the ending is fairly cliché – Hey! It is Disney, what did you expect? – WALL-E has some great moments. Combine this with some sharp humor which we probably have to thank Pixar for, you get to see a nice animation movie and Disney will have another attraction they can make money of. But as a more serious moviegoer, do not expect anything in the likes of RATATOUILLE.

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