Happy New Year everyone!

2010 is over people and what a year it has been. Some things that come to mind are the elections in the Netherlands, the World Cup we almost won with some kung fu fighting and the passing of one of my favorite actors, Leslie Nielsen.

When looking at the numbers of movies, which have been released it has been quite a big year with the number passing the 600 mark. That’s almost 2 movies a day! With this many movies, we feel it is hard to write about all of them, so we pick them as we go. Besides that, we really need more time for writing!

My personal favorite for this year was INCEPTION and I believe many will agree with me on this. Also I cannot wait for the final chapter of the Harry Potter series, even though we all know how it will end.
For gaming my vote goes to STARCRAFT II, but I am biased on that. I have been a long time STARCRAFT I player and played quite competitively averaging 5 games a day at least!
When it comes to music, I didn’t really notice anything special, but perhaps you guys and girls have suggestions for me.

With 2011 some great titles are planned, think about DIABLO III, L.A. NOIRE and PORTAL 2 when it comes to gaming. As for movies part 2 of THE DEADLY HALLOWS has my attention and of course the latest movie by Danny Boyle 127 HOURS, which will be released in Europe early January.

So has 2010 been a year of great titles? And what has been your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. And of course with 2010 ending, careful when it comes to fireworks!

New Year Resolutions

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  1. Anonymous · January 1, 2011

    Ay happy new year! 🙂

    Btw as you might have noticed, I’ve instaleld the Disqus comment system here @ criticasm.com 🙂

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