It’s elementary with Sherlock Holmes

When Sneaky and myself wanted to see one of the early screenings of SHERLOCK HOLMES it seemed all seats were taken. Nothing new here of course, because early screenings are always sold out when it comes to “big” movies. But with this case we tried to get some seats that were reserved by others. The system failed on us and the seats could not be given to anyone else.
So to actually get into the screening we decided to get tickets for another movie. We got past the checkpoints and we snuck to the seats we knew weren’t sold. We kept a close watch on the guards making sure that if we were compromised, we could get the hell out of there asap! But a few minutes into the movie, we realized our mission to watch Robert Downey Jr. was a success. Now if only the movie was a success as well…

SHERLOCK HOLMES is based on the original stories of our famous detective – No shit Sherlock… – only this time Guy Ritchie thought he would give a spin to it. Originally he was planning to shoot this movie from a BATMAN BEGINS point of view, showing the early years of Sherlock. Though at first he thought Downey would be too old, casting him convinced him otherwise. They changed a few things and SHERLOCK HOLMES tells the story from an older point of view.

But the movie starts with a nice action scene where Sherlock puts down a couple of guys with careful planning. A nice touch, which will be used so now and then throughout the movie. With help from Watson they stop Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) performing a sacrificial ritual. Blackwood gets arrested and is sentenced for the gallows.

After the arrest of Lord Blackwood, Sherlock has no more cases to work on and Watson is preparing for his new life with his fiancée Mary Morstan (Kelly Reilly). It is when things get shuck up when the hot Rachel McAdams enters the scene. Miss McAdems plays the role of the one love of Sherlock, Irene Adler. She eventually “convinces” him to investigate the death of someone called Reordan.
In the meanwhile Lord Blackwood seems to have returned from the dead after his hanging. And as Sneaky would say at this point: “The plot thickens!”. The audience now has to keep track of Lord Blackwood and his evil doings and the hot Irene. We all know which gets our attention right?

The storylines eventually meet and Lord Blackwood reveals to be not as mysterious as he tries to appear. He is just an average evil bloke trying to seize control over Britain. Irene is just another hag with a hidden agenda. So in the end the movie is just a Scooby Dooby Doo flick with a couple of loose ends. The various mysteries get solved and everything is well.

So what does this movie bring us comparing it to other crime solving mysteries? Well you have a nice presentation of an old Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Robert Downey. I must say that Guy Ritchie did cast the others quite well and their acting was not that bad. Though Jude Law made my butt cheeks clench at times. At least he is better than Russell Crowe, who originally was thought to play this role.
Mark Strong however did an excellent job as playing the bad guy. The scenes with Downey especially are done very well, for example the prison scene where they talk with each other right before Blackwood gets hanged.

I have to be honest here – even though I am a big Robert Downey Jr. fan – the movie itself is not really something special. There are some great scenes, especially the ones with the “careful planned out ass kickin’” and the dialogue is not that bad either. But some things really should have been done differently, for example the climax scene on top of an unfinished Tower Bridge. It looks nice, but it really felt out of place, comparing it with the rest of the movie. Or perhaps it is just because the special effects in this scene are subpar.

However the movie as a total is quite decent, especially when you are looking at the other recent releases which are currently showing, like AVATAR and UP IN THE AIR. With SHERLOCK HOLMES you are watching something quite entertaining and do I dare to say, refreshing?

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