Not all of you might know what is happening when it comes to legislation and bills being passed around in the US. Even I have problems reading all those pieces. But this is an important issue and we want every reader to know what is happening around them.

Some sites are at the moment “black”, meaning it isn’t showing content as usual. The reason behind is, are the SOPA and PIPA, which is a bad future for free internet. To make it relatively easy for what this means for

  • We cannot link to movies on YouTube without risking to be banned.
  • We cannot link to images for our items without risking to be banned.
  • We cannot even vent our opinions on certain developments concerning hacking or copying information without risking to be banned.

These are just a small few things which can cause a big problem for us, a little site trying to give some insights on things we like writing about. So it is important to show your disagree with these recent developments. You can do so by heading to, even if you do not live in the USA. We (simple EU folks) have signed it as well.

If you want to read more about SOPA and PIP, you can head over to a special page created by Wikipedia or the information given by Google.

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