Take a breather with Whatever Works

WHATEVER WORKS is a movie you probably never have heard of. You will not have seen and never will. And that actually makes me sad, because WHATEVER WORKS brings the viewer an entertaining way on how to live life and how to deal with everyday issues.

Whatever Works movie poster

Boris Yellnikoff, played by Larry David, can be described as one of those old people who like to complain about everything. His ideologies often do not match when it comes to religion, relationships or other random things. Boris likes to impress others or convince them his point of view is in fact the only correct one.
He lived his entire life in New York and will complain about almost every aspects of life towards every other character in the movie. At times he even complains at the audience! The latter being a nice touch I have to admit.

Chess is like war, now attack!

It is when Melodie St. Ann Celestine – the lovely Even Rachel Wood – enters his life and he eventually allows her to stay at his apartment. His odd view on life and reasoning sparks the love of Melodie and they fall in love. Things go really awkward when both the father and the mother of Melodie show up, trying to take her back home. They however continue their own lives, which result in nice twists and turns in the story. Some keywords are gay, orgies and adultery. Sounds nice huh? But the movie is not about previous mentioned things. It is how people should actually try to make the best out of everything and out of every situation.

See I am not nuts, there's the audience!

So when you are in for a different view on life, have the need to take a step back from things, then this movie will be your cup of tea. Because when it comes to life, Boris motto “whatever works” is indeed a perspective I can support.

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