The 3D hype, don’t be fooled

Lately there has been a change through the movie and TV industry I want to make people aware of. With last years electronic conventions and press releases by some of the bigger technical companies, you will notice that 3D is HOT. Hot in big bold and red letters. A technology which has been here for some time, remember those red and blue glasses? Well nowadays you can find it in phones, tablets, TV and of course the cinemas. And in the cinema is where all the hype has started…

Old school 3D

Back in the days… 3D was just red and blue

Remember AVATAR? That 500 million dollar movie with those blue freaks trying to save their home planet? That was one crap movie wasn’t it, poor story, really bad acting? But on one thing all the critics agree, the graphics were impressive. They were even so impressive, people became depressed with the real world and committed suicide. So one can only assume that the 3D graphics and technology used were pretty darn good. And this is were it all went wrong…

Everyone and their purple monkey realised James Cameron achieved something great. People were into 3D and were even willing to pay the extra fees associated with it. This sometimes resulted in double the ticket fee and with fans even going several times to go and watch the movie. Was and perhaps is it worth it? Well only you as an audience can decide if this is the case. I myself have watched AVATAR twice at my local cinema and enjoyed the effects on both occasions. So this new technology gets a big thumbs up for me.

Avatar in 3D

Yeah you would flinch when that arrow got pointed at you!

However because of this, everyone now wants to cash in on this so called 3D hype. So many movies get a last minute conversion to 3D or are entirely shot in 2D and get a conversion later on. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not mind if those movies get converted. But when they do convert it, the effects better be good and worth those extra euros (or dollars) you have to cough up when you go to the cinema. Well has this been the case?

Of course not, how often have you watched a movie in “3D” only to get out with a headache and not seeing a single 3D effect. I’m talking about movies like THE GREEN HORNET, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES and the latest CAPTAIN AMERICA. O wait I got to take that back, there is this one scene in which Cap. throws his shield at the audience, but that is it.

Now the 3D hype has crossed over to other devices like TV and handhelds. For those not familiar the new Nintendo 3DS has a 3D screen which does not require glasses. The LG G-Slate tablet is a 3D tablet which requires passive glasses and the LG Optimus 3D is another 3D handheld, but also does not require glasses. Everyone who has held such a device says the same: “Great feature, but just to show off, no proper use for it…”

3D with 3DS

Perhaps the only 3D device with proper 3D

As it stands now only movies (and perhaps certain TV shows) are worth your 3D time and dime. But with content still being very rare, I want to warn you all not to get sucked into the hype. Often a cinema shows both the 3D and the non-3D version of a movie. Do some research before going to see a movie, you will often find whether or not a certain screening is worth that extra cash. For me I have not yet stumbled upon a movie worth it, with AVATAR being the one and only exception.

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