The evilist saga returns with an ‘Eclipse’

The evilist saga returns with an ‘Eclipse’

ECLIPSE is the 3rd installment in the Twilight Saga with the lovable pale vampire and the hotty werewolf. Does it show any form of improvement, or are you in for another annoying ride when your misses wants to see this.

Eclipse Movie Poster

The story continues where it left off in part two NEW MOON and we see time pass by after the rather awkward encounter with the Volturi. The promise has been made, Bella will be turned into a vampire after the wedding. Some of the family members of Edward try to discourage her to become a vampire, telling them stories of how they became the blood sucking creatures every teenage girl loves nowadays.

In the meanwhile however one of remaining vampires of part one, is creating her own army. It is not really clear what her exact motives are – or I just forgot, since it has been a while after seeing the movie at local theaters -, but she wants to kill Bella. We can only assume it is revenge for the loss of her loved one(s?). To achieve this, she raises her own little group of blood sucking wannabes just for poor little ol’ Bella.

Euhm... you call this an army?

Because of the “magnitude” of this army – really we are only talking about a few dozens of vampires – the Jacob’s werewolf family and the Cullens vampire family make peace just for the sake of Bella. It is the classic “fight over a girl”-theme all over again. I thought this ended with the classical story of Troy? (No…., not the one with Brad Pitt in it).

They of course win; Jacob gets hurts and on his recovery bed vows to always love her. The movie ends with some *cough* lovely *cough* scenes between Bella and Edward. In the book however – really I have not read it! – the story ends with Jacob receiving a wedding invitation and running off into the woods to blow off some steam.

Aahhh.. to be young and in love with a vampire and a werewolf. Don't you miss those days?

For those not up to speed, yes there is one more book which will probably be about the wedding. As stated I have not read it and have no intention to do so, but it might be a nice gift for the misses right? Trust me on this, it will result in some sucking and biting nights for you!

In the end the movie was better than the original and NEW MOON, though the acting is still terrible. The story itself is very thin and I also have no idea why they call this part ECLIPSE. Some of the action sequences were nice to look at and a couple of the dialogues made me chuckle. In the end though, do not expect anything above average.

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