To be Hamlet 2 or not to be Hamlet 2

Wait just one darn minute before reading any further. Do you know the story of Hamlet; the deaths, the tragedy, the love and the revenge? And did you see any promotion material of this movie? If the first question is answered with ‘Yes’ and the second question with a ‘No’, then this movie might be fun for you. Is Hamlet a stranger to you, do not worry! And if you have seen any promotion materials then chances are you will not enjoy the movie as much as you have expected.

Hamlet 2 movie poster

Now you will be asking why I asked those questions in the opening of this review, right? Well HAMLET 2 public relations did something really bad, which is often seen with movies. They made the trailer so funny with almost all the good parts of the movie, that you basically are giving away the entire movie itself. I went with Sneaky to see this movie and he saw the trailer and knew what the story was about. At the end he was not that impressed with the movie and I actually quite enjoyed myself (or was it because of the free food? *shrugs*).

HAMLET 2 is about a drama teacher Dana Marschz (Steve Coogan) who used to be a “decent” actor. But he never realized his Hollywood dream and since he never got a chance to do so, he starts teaching drama at a local high school. He does not get paid for this job, but only receive gas money. This money is used for his household, so he skates to school, which of course gives some nice scenes. He and his wife have someone renting a room so this money is used to keep them going.

Dana and Elisabeth Shue, the next Romeo and Juliet?

Dana Marschz has a quest to teach others (his only two students) the art of drama, when suddenly he is stuck with an entire class of students who of course do not want to follow his lessons. In the period of his teaching (with his two students), he always created “musical plays” based on famous movies. These plays were always criticized by one of the column writers of the high school. This kid apparently had such an influence on him, he finally decides to write his own play, something everyone would love, something new and fresh; enter HAMLET 2.

The play is basically a sequel to the original Hamlet in which the prince and Jesus use a time machine to try and save Gertrude and Ophelia. How come nobody else ever thought of this! C’mon this is brilliant, n’est pas?

Rock me sexy Jezus! Yeah baby!

Of course a movie is not a movie without some plot twists. Things that pass the revue are:

  • A class with seeming gang bangers
  • A principal who wants to stop the play and cut drama class for next trimester
  • The “people” who do not want to see a classic being torn apart
  • And of course his wife leaving him for the border

Now when you read all this you might think that it should be enough for a decent movie, which of course will be remembered due to its absurdness to make a sequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. But the movie eventually turns out to be another – fairly cliché – comedy, which does nothing else then put a few smiles on your face when eventually you wander out of the theater wondering why you spent your money on a ticket.

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