We put our claws into X-Men Origins: Wolverine

*TJING* or whatever that effect sounds like when our favorite X-Men pulls out his claws. This sound has become a thing my girlfriend apparently has the hots for, because when we watched this movie I told her about X-MEN 1 to 3. The next few days she just had to see her hairy friend Hugh Jackman playing the one and only Wolverine.

X-Men Origins Wolverine movie poster

This is another short review, as the movie is almost ready for a DVD release. In some countries you might be able to catch it in the cinemas and if you have not done so, I would seriously suggest you do. The movie isn’t great or anything, but it is an action flick which can only be fully enjoyed on the big screen. Of course if you are an X-Men fan, you will probably have seen it. So any good?

First I want to state that it really annoyed me the claws of Wolverine were CGI effects instead of proper movie props like used in X-Men 1,2 and 3. I think it even annoys me |—–| much that this short review will be effected by it.

You are too ugly to be my brother!

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE tells the story of kiddy Logan growing up to the Wolverine that he is. I do not know much about his childhood story, but I do know the comics and original animated series a bit. From what I know, I can honestly say the story has been translated “decently”. Of course there were some things that upset most of the fans, for example:

  • The actor used for the brother (Sabretooth) is now being played by Liev Schreiber, instead of Tyler Mane who played the part in X-MEN.

  • Also Deadpool, the specially created combined super mutant evil awesome overkill dude, gets up and dies within 10 minutes. It even pissed off this many fans, that Deadpool is now getting his own movie. Do not get me wrong, I really love Ryan Reynolds. He is one of my favorite actors, but personally I do not think it is worth it to give Deadpool his own movie, since he is really not that well known in the X-Men Universe… but we will judge that when the move gets released in 2011.

Ryan Reynolds slices and dices the bullets

So back to the movie. As mentioned there are some points which many fans will not like, but for me it felt “believable”. Of course some points annoyed me as well, but this is what you get when people try to make a movie out of big stories lots of people know. Like the new Harry Potter movie currently in cinemas, the opinions on those are mixed as well. Of course you cannot expect that every movie adaptation is done properly, like 300, THE WATCHMEN or THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. But as some know even concessions were made with the previous mentioned titles.

If you are going to watch X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE expect minor details which you will probably dislike, but overall you will be watching a decent X-Men movie. For those people who always walk out during credits, try to stick around for a nice little extra.

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