We shed some tears with This is it

Michael Jackon’s THIS IS IT shows the last couple of months before his demise. You get to see what he was planning to show all of us and what surprises he had stored for the fans. Besides fragments of his show, people whom he worked with are being interviewed as well.

So is this really it? Can we close the story that is Michael Jackson with this movie, or do we feel something is still missing and another chapter is still required?

This is it movie poster

THIS IS IT follows the cast & crew of the show with all their rehearsals and other technical features. You will get to see what kind of perfectionist Michael really is and how he keeps pushing himself beyond limits. If things aren’t going the way he wants, he will say it and make everyone do it again.

MJ still had them moves

But THIS IS IT also shows you his more gentle side (for those who did not know he had it). He respects everyone on the stage for what they are and will ask things politely. MJ is also treated as such by the producer and other people whom are working with him. The group together, working on this production just looks like a big family which will give you tears, knowing that such an artist isn’t among us anymore.

In the press fan clubs have been saying that THIS IS IT does not capture the real Michael Jackson and the pain he has been going through, but I say they are wrong. If you look closely during this movie, you will see him grabbing his right wrists at times or his stomach when he has pain. Also other type of movements can been seen, which are associated with pain. People with similar pains will recognise those movements quite easily. So to simply say “the presentation of Michael is wrong” has been exaggerated.

Smooth Criminal 2.0

However what the movie does show is, what kind of entertainer Michael truly is and how hard he works to bring the fans something new and special. Did you know that he reshot most of his music videos just for these concerts? They redid “They don’t care about us” on the green screen so the couple dancers were multiplied times thousands. They even redid “Thriller” with 3D Technology. I can only assume that the audience would receive 3D Glasses, which of course would create the effect of the monsters coming out of the screen. Besides this 3D effect they created special ghosts which would fly through the stadium.

This is Thriller

It is mindboggling to see the things he had planned. As some of you might know MJ always did something unique and with THIS IS IT he aimed for unique times two. What am I saying, unique times one hundred! Yes I am a fan and it is a shame he did not end his career how he planned it. I am aware that in recent times he hardly brought us anything new, but his legacy could be seen in many R&B artist today like Usher, Ne-Yo or Chris Brown. With his passing this legacy will only be enhanced and looking at THIS IS IT, I am quite sure it will inspire only more artists to be.

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