Who doesn’t want to shag ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’?

With MY BEST FRIEND’S GIRL actor / comedian Dane Cook gets another chance to star in a “big movie”. EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH was his first major role and we all know how that ended up. Now for those who do not know Dane Cook I would seriously suggest to go to YouTube first and watch some of his acts and shows. Dane Cook is a stand-up comedian from the US. His humor often is the so called “observational comedy” and you can notice some influences of Denis Leary, Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

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The jokes of Dane are often hard and cruel and straight to the point. If this is not your type of humor, this movie is really not your cup of tea. His acting is not similar to that of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, in which he plays – in my humblest of opinion – a softy which does pretty much everything for a girl. This time he plays more like I am used to from his standup; vulgar, very direct and harsh (in case you are of the female gender).

The character Dane plays is called Tank. He can be best described as the polar opposite of Hitch. In the movie HITCH you have Will Smith as a ‘Love Doctor’ helping out desperate men to get women to fall in love with them. He uses the classic way of getting women this far. He focuses more on the way you act, dance, talk and even kiss a woman.

Tank does it the other way around. He will make women see that most men are all pigs and they should have stayed with (or picked) the men who are so desperate for them. So he plays the “worst date imaginable” which apparently works like a charm. This extra job of course gives him that extra little cash we all need with the current credit crunch.

Never trust your best friend when you are being shaved...

It is not until his best friend Dustin – Jason Biggs, you know, the guy who f*cked the (American) pie? – asks him to have a worst date with Alexis, played by Kate Hudson. Tank is reluctant at first, since it is his best friend, but he finally promises Dustin that Alexis will be his best worst date ever. Alexis will be his masterpiece.
This backfires however and Alexis does not fall for the tricks Tank is putting out. Tank on the other hand is really into Alexis, since she is the first girl who actually likes his style. Dustin of course does not like this, which result in the traditional humor we are all used to from the AMERICAN PIE series.

Yes Kate Hudson is still smokin'

I will not spoil the ending since the on and off discussions between the characters is pretty much the main movie, but for a romantic chick flick movie, the ending is pretty satisfying. Keep watching throughout the credits though. Do not expect anything truly original, but just a few good laughs and a few scenes who are bound to stay with you, if you ever go dating again.

Since this review is a bit late (the movie is not showing at our local theaters), it is best to just rent it and watch it with your better half.

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