Would you be ‘My Bloody Valentine’ in 3D?

Ok ok… some might have noticed updates are not happening as frequently as we are aiming with criticasm. But going to do short version of so me of the latest flicks I have seen. First up MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D.

My Bloody Valentine 3D Movie Poster

MY BLOODY VALENTINE is a horror / slasher movie. The reason why you are watching it is not for the great story or the acting, but for the great kills the evil dude is performing. And what better way to enjoy this then in 3D right?

This exactly how I walked out of the theatres when the movie was done. At times the movie was suppose to be really scary but everyone in the audience were laughing out loud because we saw a jaw of a victim being flung through the movie room or you duck under your chair because the killer swung his axe pick right at you. The story is about a guy, which kills… how surprising. It is said that local authorities took care of him, but some years later he is back, killing a group of young teenagers partying at a local mineshaft. Really, mineshafts are the new clubs these days. Some teenagers survive this massacre and just when you thought things were back to normal… the killing starts… again… for the third time…

Yes of course there are hot chicks in this movie!

So is this movie something to see? Sure why not, but do not expect anything special. The acting is that compared with FINAL DESTINATION series or SCREAM. What did surprise me was the plot ending, but according to some of my friends, I just overlooked some details from which you can guess who the killer is, but I was too busy with the special effects of the various very original murders.

The movie is currently rated as being average and I can agree with this. But if you do get a chance to see it with the 3D-effects and you are a fan of movies like FRIDAY THE 13TH or SCREAM then go for it. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a severed head flying right at you. Be warned the storyline is very thin and cliché (even though I did not expected the ending it had). O and did I mention there are some sex / nude scenes in 3D? Now that is technology I am willing to pay for!

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