YES! Is the new No in Yes Man

Person A: It’s Friday lets go to the movies?
Person B: Nah… don’t feel like it

Person A: Hey tomorrow the Knicks game is on, wanna watch it at my place?
Person B: Sorry, got some stuff I gotta do

Person A: I managed to gather our old friends for a poker night!
Person B: Damn, already got plans, sorry won’t be able to make it

Do the above examples sound familiar to you? Then this movie might be just your thing, note with that though, you have to like Jim Carrey.

So you are a No-man right? What are you denying you aren’t?! I am quite sure you are just fooling yourself right now. Within all of us there is a No-man and we love to give in to this person, just to be safe. You don’t want to be put in situations you do not like, nor do you want to make decisions which could have a great impact, right? So we as humans tend to say no when things tend to get messy or generally irritating.

What you just read above is the basis of the movie. Jim Carrey plays Carl Allen a guy who never does a thing and after his breakup with his girlfriend says no to pretty much everything. His job is a loan officer who basically has to decide whether or not someone gets a loan. As a No-man, this job fits him perfectly!

Say YES or DIE!

Yet he is never content and that’s where his friend Nick (John Michael Higgins) comes into play. He tells him about a Yes! seminar where you will learn to embrace life and say yes to possibilities you get in your life. It is here where he makes a pact with the yes-guru himself, Terence Bundley. So when he walks out of the seminar and a homeless guy asks him for a ride, to make use of his phone and to give him some money, he is saying yes. Of course his car wounds up with no gas, he has no money and his batteries are low the moment he wants to drive home again. It is then when he meets the lovely Allison, you know the chick from THE HAPPENING Zooey Deschanel. Because of this – and some more of these “coincidental scenes” – he starts to believe in this yes-therapy.
Things backfire when he does say no and you can imagine what happens when you have to say yes to a very old woman, who wants to give you a … well you know.

Say YES to a hot chick and Harry Potter parties

Throughout this movie he falls in love with Allison and she with him. She likes him because of his spontaneity and he thinks she is… wait I actually don’t know why he likes her. Well she is definitely hot and I would not mind drinking a cup of coffee with her, so lets stick with the fact that she has a great personality. When she eventually finds out their whole relationship is based on him saying yes to everything, she starts questioning his sincerity. Carl now has to prove that he can break the yes pact and show Allison how he feels. This being a feel good movie you already know the ending will be a happy one. And that is why you went to see this movie in the first place. (And some of us just wanted to see the hot Zooey Deschanel.)

So to sum up YES MAN; the movie is a standard romantic comedy with a nice twist at end. But with the addition of someone who used to say no to life and start saying yes to possibilities, gives the audience a great feeling. I am quite sure that when the average moviegoer walks out of the theater he or she will ask whether or not it is a yes or no person. This makes the movie a better than average romantic comedy and worth at least one watch.

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