Zack and Miri make a crap movie

First things first; Yes this movie contains nudity and yes vulgar language can be found also. So no do not go to this movie with your stuck up girl or boyfriend, nor with your parents, in-laws or whatsoever. This is a movie to be seen with people who can appreciate dirty humor, nudity and whom are not embarrassed by any of previous mentioned things.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno movie poster

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So you went to see a movie and you expected to see Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks go at it like beasts. What you were disappointed they didn’t do that? What you were surprised nothing happened? Really? No shit Einstein, of course you saw nothing. Good thing there were some real porn actors and actresses in the movie who did show their skin, else this movie would have been even worse.

Man... now that's a penis!

Worse you say? Yes I said worse! The movie itself already is a piece of crap! During the writing of this review the movie scored a 7.5 on iMDB. That is insanely high for such a mediocre demonstration of a romantic comedy with nudity and vulgarity. Am I being harsh? O Hell no! Let me tell something about the story first and you can then piss on my point of view.

Zack and Miri are two best friends whom know each other since high school. After school they stay friends and are even roommates. Due to various reasons, they are not able to pay the bills so the fun starts when things are being shut down.

Now Zack comes with a bright idea to make a porno movie to get some easy cash (I should suggest this to the misses!). Things start rolling when a friend wants to invest some money and they start with their concept “Star Whores”. Things go wrong when their set gets destroyed and their investment goes down the drain.

The real actors and actrices... o and Craig

After some time being depressed they start with their “second” movie which is made at the coffee shop Zack works at. All is good till Zack has to do Miri. A best friend dream come true right? They eventually do… well … something and start falling in love with each other. This becomes obvious at the very end of the movie, but in the mean time we are treated with some more dirty jokes and heart breaking scenes.

The average reader will now say “Hey! That sounds like the standard romantic movie” and I’ll have to say “Yes dear reader, you are right”. But what sets apart this movie from others are the jokes, the characters and the whole adult theme.

Got Milk?

So the rating mentioned above is still way too high in my opinion. And the movie really is nothing more than the average chick flick, but then for a 17+ audience. With lots of beer and some good friends you will be enjoying yourself quite a bit though. If you got no friends and are not allowed to drink any alcohol, then you are going to see – or just saw – one of the worst movies in recent times.

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